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The Dandy Boys
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We are The Dandy Boys, a group of young men dedicated to solving mysteries in our crime-ridden town of Danville. The Dandy Boys use a variety of methods when investigating crimes. Like a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Jet Li, we incorporate our brilliant sleuth skills and also our tough street smarts when on the job. The Dandy Boys have captured criminals, detained delinquents and rescued runaways. We are unstoppable.

Our toughest, and most famous case to date has been the The Case of the Trespassing Girls Who Were Going To Flood the Town, which is followed by The Case of The Smashed Cell Phone and The Case of the Missing Car Antennae.

You can find out more about our adventures on our Case Closed and In Depth Cases pages. I'm always updating this site so check back every few days, and you'll find something nice, I'm sure.

Oh yeah, sign the guestbook, or else we'll come and arrest you. Cheerio!

UPDATES: July 31, 2004: NEW SECTION ADDED!!! There is a new mystery in the page "More In Depth Cases" To find this page, go to "In Depth Cases" and click the link, or click the above link.

April 3, 2005: I've started updating the jokes in our original sections. It's sort of a spring cleaning, in which I clean up our outdated humor and spruce it up with a little elbow grease of wisdom. 


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