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The Dandy Boys
Real Life Exploits of the Dandy Boys
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These are our real life adventures as Dandy Boys

The Fantastic Farmer's Market Journey
Early one Saturday morning, after a raucous night on the town, DI Kaye, DI Burns and Mike "Brains" DeCarlo traveled to the  Farmer's Market in quaint downtown Danville. The trip there was thrilling, because the D-Boys drove by a large group of cyclists and let loose a boisterous "Bwah!" in the bikers' direction. Upon arrival at the market we began handing out flyers, which were met by perplexed looks and death threats.

DI Kaye hands out flyers with a winning smile

The Great Greenbrook Gazette Gag
DI Kaye and DeSoto regularly receive the Greenbrook Gazette, which gives them valuable information like tennis tournament schedules and proper lawn maintenance techniques. Also found in the Greenbrook Gazette are classified ads. This led DI Kaye to place an ad for Dandy Boy services, and it only cost him $2. Unfortunately nobody ever called us up.

Take that Yellow Pages!

The Malicious Mayor's Messages
As the Dandy Boys were starting out, we wanted the full support of Danville's mayor, Mike Shimansky. DI Kaye called Shimansky from DI Burns' house one day, telling the mayor all about our recent case The Case of the Trespassing Girls Who Were Going to Flood the Town.  Kaye explained our mission and our dedication to Danville's safety, but Mike Shimansky never returned our calls. It took DI Kaye three more phone calls to realize that Shimansky was not in favor of the Dandy Boys. In fact, he didn't even bother to call us back, asking us not to call him anymore. It has now been decided by the Dandy Boys that the Mayor is a dirty rotten scallywag. If you would like to inform Mr. Shimansky of his nastiness, please call this number.
(925) 314-3329

Yes, we really are that cool