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The Dandy Boys
Meet the Dandy Boys
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These are the men that keep you safe at night. These are the men that let you rest peacefully, and yes, these are the men outside your window when you're lightly dozing, watching you fall into the deep abyss that is sleep...


Name: Stephen Michael Kaye
DOB: 04/03/87
Bio: Once described himself as "An angry Brit, with a taste for bagels and bloodshed". DI Kaye is known to use his tough Anglo-Saxon skull to batter any scoundrels he comes across.
This picture is of Kaye as he makes a bust on the town's Norwegian drug cartel, Johansen Svenbeard.



Name: Daniel Joseph Burns
DOB: 10/23/86
Bio: Born in the cold, rugged Swedish fjords, Burns learnt to live by his wits. Soon after arriving in America, Burns received a Ford Truck and began saving the town in his spare time between video games. The Dandy Boys quickly recruited him and have never regretted it. This hot blooded Swede uses his extreme driving skills to eliminate dangerous Danville criminals. (See In Depth Cases)

Don't mess with the best


Name: Shawn Christopher Gruendl
DOB: 6/26/87
Bio: Shawn hit the streets at a young age, running away and sleeping in pizza boxes. These experiences led to a strong love for vigilante justice. He has an almost psychic bond with the streets, and is known for using ''old school methods'' to get the job done. Gruendl is constant comic relief for the Dandy Boys, and is infamous for not believing Idaho was a state.

Old School Weapons


Name: Mike "Brains" DeCarlo
DOB: 08/02/87
Bio: Picked up by the Dandy Boys in 1998 after we busted him at his Meth Lab in his parents' basement. We saw he was a brilliant chemist so we made him work for us as an indentured servant. (On the agreement that we wouldn't send him to jail.) Brains is always inventing new crime-fighting gadgets for us, but he rarely sees them in action because we usually break them. Brains also makes sure that The Dandymobile is running smoothly, and that its' tires are pumped to regulation standards. Brains maintains the Dandy Boys' garden and is in the process of cross breeding German Shepards with Tulips. He hopes to create a lovely looking, decorative plant that is also capable of biting your hand off.

Incomplete Bios:

Name: Dominic Joseph DeSoto
DOB: 9/29/87
Bio: DeSoto fills out the psychological intimidation factor of the Dandy Boys, because he is a pure and genuine asshole. He is often brought into interrogations to mentally break down the culprit or witness. Most Danville street thugs remember DeSoto by his punishing backhand slap across the face, and his skills with a baseball bat.

Name: Steven Lawrence Capizzi
DOB: 9/12/86
Bio: By using his innate Italian mafia logic, Capizzi has become a priceless asset to the Dandy Boys. Scamming, scheming and making death threats simply come naturally to him, and his monkey-like toes have gotten him and others out of some sticky situations. Capizzi says he can't remember how many skulls he's cracked, but it's probably up there in the high 20s.