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The Dandy Boys
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Phantoms are naughty fellows, here you'll be able to learn more about them


Some believe in ghosts and spirits, banshees and goblins.
Some don't.
We the Dandy Boys may not have all the answers to these phenomena but we do know a little about Phantoms. Phantoms are the maurading bad boys of the supernatural world. They are always causing trouble and creating bothersome mysteries for us to solve. However, if there is a mystery we can't solve, we can always blame it on a phantom.
In fact, phantoms account for 94% of all crimes investigated by the Dandy Boys. I swear, if there was a way to catch this mischevious scallywags in a bottle and fart into it, I'd be the first to do it.


Doorbell ditching an innocent Danville citizen

This Phantom destroys a mailbox

One nasty trick: This phantom opens an umbrella INDOORS

Most people have heard of say, the assassination of JFK. This little incident was most definitely the cause of a phantom who was craving attention. But did you know that there are many other famous cases actually caused by our phantom pals? For instance were you aware that World War I and the consequent Russian Revolution were actually a little joke pulled by a phantom named Johnny O'Tingles?
Some other examples of naughty phantom tomfoolery are:
The creation of the Universe (Quite a big prank to pull I must say!)
The Renaissance
Napoleanic Wars
Crop Circles
Atomization of Hiroshima and Nakasaki
Causing one of Dan Burns' toes to be stronger than the other
The loss of Steve Capizzi's car keys
Missing socks
Genital Warts
The African Slave Trade
Stock Market Crash of 1929
Cancellation of "Dinosaurs!"
The Ben and J.Lo breakup fiasco
(More to come...)

This phantom stealthily takes a man's briefcase

This vile phantom defecates in front of an obvious "No Dumping" sign. Disgusting!

This phantom hits the playground looking for some supple young boys to take home

This Phantom spoils everyone's day by peeing in the sandbox